A downloadable game

This is a role-playing game inspired by the popular competitive dinner party show.

What will the flirty butcher who hates anything orange make of the salami-heavy starter served up by the Fitness-freak Architect? What mysterious object will the Theatrical Personal Trainer find hidden in the flat of the Pretentious Nanny? And, most importantly, will Jane be happy with her sad little life? 

Requires: 3-5 players, 2-3 hours, things to write with, things to write on and at least one six side dice.

Does not require: a gamesmaster, any knowledge of cooking whatsoever, any knowledge of the show either.

"I have now played Kieron's Come Dine With Me-inspired RPG and it is very silly and very funny. Also I won, so I hope the money makes me very happy." - Jamie McKelvie ("The Wicked + the Divine")


Come Dice With Me v1.pdf 4 MB