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DIE is a comic by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, an bleak fantasy comic about middle-aged adults being dragged back to the fantasy-role-playing world they were trapped in as teenagers. Or, in short, Goth Jumanji.

The DIE RPG is written by Kieron, and (in its present Beta form) allows you to make your own version of the first arc of your series, played between two and four sessions.

In DIE you generate a group of real world people, who then sit down to play a role-playing game, before getting dragged into a fantasy world which is warped by the real-world people's hopes and fears. They then have to come to an agreement of whether to go home or not.  Yes, it’s a little Meta. 

The Beta is in a transitional stage as we approach the end, which means there's a lot of various documents, as you'll see below. If you want a guide of what to do to play DIE in the best playtested form, see this post.

A brief overview of the documents...

The Manual: Everything you need to know to play.
The Handouts: Includes all the character sheets (both full and light) and the material for the Gamesmaster. The latest version of these are 1.46. We include an earlier version for occasional reference.
The Arcana: weird stuff and supplementary material, including some extra help for new players.

If you’ve any thoughts, drop a line to dierpgplaytest@gmail.com.

There is a Discord for discussion of the Beta here. It also includes some extra player generated resources and lovely chatty folks. For those interested in how Kieron's expanding the game into the full thing, go nose here. 

Online character keepers for 1.46 is here.
Just so they're not deleted, 1.3 is here. But play with 1.46, it's better, honest.


DIE RPG Beta Manual v1.1.pdf 16 MB
DIE RPG Beta Handouts v1.1.pdf 1 MB
DIE RPG Beta v1.3.pdf 2 MB
DIE RPG Beta v1.46.pdf 1 MB
DIE RPG Beta Arcana v1.1.pdf 13 MB

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