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DIE is a comic by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, an bleak fantasy comic about middle-aged adults being dragged back to the fantasy-role-playing world they were trapped in as teenagers. Or, in short, Goth Jumanji.

In DIE RPG you generate a group of real world people, who then sit down to play a role-playing game, before getting dragged into a fantasy world which is warped by the real-world people's hopes and fears. They then have to come to an agreement of whether to go home or not.  Yes, it’s a little Meta. 

It was written by Kieron alongside the comic, entered Beta and was kickstartered  in 2022.

It's now available from Rowan, Rook & Decard for pre-order. You can also buy the PDF from them directly, or get it here on Itch.

The early-access PDF was distributed to its backers on October 25th 2022.

There is a Discord for discussion of the game here.

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